Penny Bank

In financing, Turkey

Drama - Absurd Comedy


How did Orhan, a down-to-earth family man, turn into the killer of his coma-stricken mother?


Launced at 

13rd Meetings on the Bridge

Invited from 

Alternative Wave 2018

13rd Batumi International Arthouse

Film Festival


Supported by 

Ankara International Film Festival

Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism


Ferit Karol



Ferit Karol & Serkan Fakılı



Nefes Polat



Murat Kılıç


Snow and the Bear

In development, Turkey - Germany

Drama - Mystery - Psychological Thriller 


Aslı has recently appointed as a nurse to a small distant town, where the winter

surprisingly doesn’t come to an end. A man goes missing the night that Aslı has an argument with him and she finds herself in the middle of intertwined power relationships, secrets and doubt.


Launced at 

Meetings on the Bridge Platform, Istanbul International Film Festival, 

Best Project Award and Transilvania Pitch Stop Award


Participated in 

Berlinale Talents Script Station, Berlin International Film Festival

Holland Film Meeting, The Netherlands Production Platform

Transilvania Pitch Stop, Transilvania International Film Festival 

First Films First, Goethe-Institut Young Directors´ Academy South-Eastern Europe


Supported by 

Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Turkish-German Co-production Development Fund


Selcen Ergun



Selcen Ergun & Yeşim Aslan



Nefes Polat, Selcen Ergun, Michael Eckelt, Johannes Jancke



Florent Herry